Obaminoes was constructed by the students at Franklin Avenue Elementary School in March, April, May and June, 2009. The organization, construction and hanging was coordinated by the faculty and staff of Franklin Avenue Elementary in conjunction with a group of Westfield State College students and faculty.

The Westfield State College group included students Catherine LeBlanc, Laura Ryan, Danielle Light, Kristin Hachey, Jill Manganelli, Ashley Bergeron, Cameron Harwood, Jodi Fernette, Justin Sheehan, Jackie Kalita, Matt Pegorari, and Jessica Lyons representing Circle K, Phi Delta Kappa, and the Student National Education Association. It also included Professors Marcus Jaiclin, Buzz Hoagland, and Fred Fleron. The project was coordinated by Prof. Julian Fleron who is the Mathematics Faculty Liaison working with the Westfield Professional Development Schools Network (WPDS).

This project was made possible by the WPDS and the support of both the Department of Education and the Division of Academic Affairs at Westfield State College. Thanks are due to WPDS Director Nitza Hidalgo, Dean of Education James Martin-Rehrmann, Dean of Faculty Elizabeth Preston, Department of Education Chair Martin Henley, Department of Mathematics Chair John Judge, Prof. Ken Haar, and many other faculty, staff and students at Westfield State College.

The guidance, patience, and enthusiasm of the Franklin Avenue Faculty and Staff were essential to the success of this project. They did most of the real hands-on work with the students. Finally, Principal Leslie Clark has provided constant encouragement, support, and insight - as her ongoing role with WPDS in particular and with this project in specific.