Social Studies Curriculum

The election of a President is a celebration of the democratic principles upon which our country is based. We have created Obaminoes as a celebration of the election of Barack H. Obama. While Mr. Obama was not the choice of all constituents of any large group - such as Franklin Avenue Elementary School - he represents all of us as our President. As such, we believe it is appropriate to honor him with this mural.

For the 5 - 11 year olds that make up the student body at Franklin Avenue Elementary, this past Presidential election may serve as their earliest important political memory. We hope their memories of this time, and this project, will spur lifelong participation in the political process.

Moreover, the election of Mr. Obama as President was widely viewed as a historic election. Franklin Avenue Elementary School is economically the poorest of the 8 public elementary schools in Westfield and also has the highest minority enrollment. Economically and racially, the election of Mr. Obama as President takes on extra significance to the demographic that is represented by the students at Franklin Avenue Elementary. We hope this mural serves as a reminder that these students really can be "anything they want to be."